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Stacking Toy Model

Stacking Toy Model

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Elevate playtime with our Colorful Stacking Baby Toy 3D Model! This digital download includes a versatile 3MF file, ready for direct 3D printing or as a base for a CNC Router cut file. Crafted with precision and designed for developmental fun, this stacking toy features a base and a set of four rings ever smaller rings.

  1. Versatile 3D Model: Downloadable 3MF file compatible with 3D printers and CNC routers, providing flexibility in manufacturing.

  2. Educational Play: Engage little ones with a stacking toy that promotes motor skills, coordination, and color recognition.

  3. Layered Learning: Each ring decreases in size, introducing the concept of size gradation and spatial awareness.

  4. Safe Materials: Suitable for 3D printing with child-safe materials or CNC routing from wood for a natural touch.

  • 3D Printing: Use the provided 3MF file to 3D print the toy with your preferred filament, creating a durable and safe play item.

  • CNC Router: Utilize the 3MF file as a base for a CNC router cut file, allowing you to craft the toy from wood for a tactile and organic feel.

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