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Drawer Organizer - Perfect Fits 175mm Drawer

Drawer Organizer - Perfect Fits 175mm Drawer

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Introducing our innovative Modular Drawer Organizer System, a digital download containing precision laser cutting files to revolutionize your drawer organization. This versatile system comprises square unit organizers measuring 58.3 mm, offering seamless multiples up to 3 in both width and length to perfectly fit your drawer dimensions.

Crafted with meticulous precision, these digital design files empower you to create a tailored organization solution for any drawer space. Customizable and modular, arrange the units to accommodate various-sized compartments within your drawers, providing a perfect fit for your specific storage needs.

The flexibility of this organizer system extends beyond its size variations. Crafted for compatibility with a wide range of materials such as wood, acrylic, or plastic, these files ensure durability and sturdiness for your drawer organizers. Experience ease of assembly and a seamless fit, giving your drawers a neat and tidy appearance while optimizing storage efficiency.


  • Digital laser cutting files for a modular drawer organizer system
  • Square unit organizers measuring 58.3 mm, customizable up to 3 units in width and length
  • Modular design for adaptable configuration to fit various drawer sizes
  • Compatible with diverse materials for long-lasting and durable organizers
  • Enhance drawer storage efficiency and maintain a neat, organized space

Transform your drawers into an oasis of organization with our Modular Drawer Organizer System. Download the files, unleash your creativity, and craft personalized drawer compartments to streamline your daily routines effortlessly.


Each organizer is downloadable as a STEP file for easy use.

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